Courses of action:

Conservation of natural heritage (geodiversity and biodiversity), ensuring the integrity and diversity of the biotic communities, as well as the genetic diversity of the species that form it.

  • Evaluation and monitoring of the natural ecosystems.
  • Environmental management of the coast and other natural areas present on the island.
  • Waste management, sustainable use of water and natural and energy resources.
  • Territorial planning as a key instrument in striving for balance between its use and the principles of the Biosphere Reserve.
  • Work as an outdoor sustainability laboratory to collect information about the Biosphere Reserve status and thus be able to use this knowledge for decision-making processes on its own management.

Agència Menorca Reserva de Biosfera - Departament de Medi Ambient i Reserva de Biosfera - Consell Insular de Menorca
Plaça Biosfera, 5 / 07703 Maó (Menorca) Illes Balears / Tel: 971 35 62 51
Reserva Biosfera