Milan Pact

In January of 2017, the adherence of the Consell Insular de Menorca (CIMe, local island government) to the group of cities that have signed the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact, better known as the Milan Pact, was approved. This pact commits these cities (around 160 at present) to develop sustainable food systems that are inclusive, resilient, safe and diverse, so as to provide healthy and affordable food to all people. The CIMe’s participation in this pact implies its will to make advancements toward sustainability on the island, a commitment to the primary sector and efforts to diversify its economic sectors, firmly prioritising gastronomy and local products.

Food strategy

The goal is to implement food strategy with cross-sector coordination with public food policies based on the principles of the Milan Pact. The Menorca Biosphere Reserve Agency, in collaboration with the NGO VSF Justicia Alimentaria and the Fundación Daniel y Nina Carasso foundation, has been striving to consolidate and develop outlined actions for food strategy in Menorca since 2017.

The following actions have been carried out: assessment of public food policies, training regarding public contracting for food purchases, participatory workshops for the production and distribution sectors, meetings with other entities involved in the process and public food policy strategy.

Objectives of the Food Strategy of Menorca
Video Food Strategy of Menorca

Guidelines to prevent and reduce food waste

Food waste refers to food destined for human consumption that is thrown away throughout the food circuit, which could be prevented or the food used in some way, since it still maintains its nutritional value.

This guide gathers measures to reduce food waste emphasizing its prevention, more than the reuse of generated waste. These have been grouped into five decalogues and different fields of action: the primary sector (particularly agriculture), marketing, hospitality, mass catering and the consumers in the food circuit.

The main goal is to define a responsible food system, independent from customs, beliefs, social habits and fleeting lifestyles regarding the use we make of food. This means acting in a sustainable way in our particular lives and demand the same from the remaining agents in the food circuit.

Guideline to prevent and reduce food waste

Producte Fora de Sèrie campaign

In order to continue working on food waste, after publishing the Guide of measures to prevent and reduce food waste, the Menorca Biosphere Reserve Agency is launching the public awareness campaign "Producte Fora de Sèrie" (Out of the ordinary product).

This is an insular public awareness campaign against food waste, which pursues the general objective of raising awareness among the population against food waste, especially consumers, the agri-food production sector and commercial areas of the island of Menorca, emphasizing the losses that occur due to the imposition of quality standards of shape, size and color on garden products; to urge the agents of the three sectors to implement corrective measures proposed in the Guide of measures to prevent and reduce food waste that contribute to improving the acceptability of consumers towards the “Out of Series Product”.

Guideline to prevent and reduce food wasteCampaign "Producte Fora de Sèrie" Press Kit

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